xx Hydraulic lifting and elevated gooseneck

xx Hydraulic lifting and elevated platform
xx Hydraulic steerable
xx Wide expanding
xx Length extendible
xx Free modular combination
xx Suspension stroke +/-500
xx EBS leveling front-back 150degree, left-right 5degree

Above is just one of our specialized semi trailers, we can design and produce according to customer’s requirements.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any inquiry!!

Focus on transportation of oversized,overweight,

extra wide,super long and ultra precision goods.

  • Top 10 factory of semi‑trailer in China
  • Shipment capacity 30T to 5000T
  • ISO9001


    • Fully automatic

    • One-button operation intelligent linkage steering

    • Air suspension

    • Hydraulic ladder

    • Flexible (both length & width)  platform

    • Lift chassis

    • Bumpy narrow road transport ability

    • Overweight, ultra-high, ultra-wide, ultra-long, ultra-precision transport semi-trailer


    The world’s leading level, YZVULCAN made!



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